Saturday, March 7, 2009

Financial Independence

Wow! What is financial independence? It means you can wake up and decide if you want to work...or not. Personally, I have no interest in retiring - maybe because it is at least 20 years away, but this was a great workshop that has 8 steps to financial independence.

#1 Financial Self Awareness - You must get a clear understanding of your current financial situation

#2 Focus on what you CAN control - Who are you listening to...and does that change how you act and think?

#3 Get organized!

#4 Write specific financial goals

#5 Create a more realistic spending plan

#6 Pay yourself first - keep saving for the future

#7 Pay off credit cards and establish an emergency fund

#8 Find a good advisor

How many of these can you say you've done? I can personally say that I haven't done ANY of them. But my compelling outcome is to be financially I am ready to start working on Step #1 - getting a clear understanding of my current financial situation.

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