Saturday, March 7, 2009

Financial Independence

Wow! What is financial independence? It means you can wake up and decide if you want to work...or not. Personally, I have no interest in retiring - maybe because it is at least 20 years away, but this was a great workshop that has 8 steps to financial independence.

#1 Financial Self Awareness - You must get a clear understanding of your current financial situation

#2 Focus on what you CAN control - Who are you listening to...and does that change how you act and think?

#3 Get organized!

#4 Write specific financial goals

#5 Create a more realistic spending plan

#6 Pay yourself first - keep saving for the future

#7 Pay off credit cards and establish an emergency fund

#8 Find a good advisor

How many of these can you say you've done? I can personally say that I haven't done ANY of them. But my compelling outcome is to be financially I am ready to start working on Step #1 - getting a clear understanding of my current financial situation.

Leader of the Pack

Our NAEOP President conducted a session called "Leader of the Pack". She covered the six principles of leadership
  • The Power of Self-Mastery
  • The Power of Focus
  • The Power with People
  • The Power of Persuasive Communication
  • The Power of Execution
  • The Power of Giving
We learned what color we are:

We had to choose between orange, gold, green or blue

I thought I would be blue...and I was - but I was also a little bit of each one of those colors. There is nothing wrong with being one color or being them all.

Conference is in full swing

It is Day 3 of the conference, and we are all in attendance at the Membership meeting. I'm looking around the room at all the ladies in Red, White, and Blue!

We got our wires crossed and half of us wore Red, White, and Blue yesterday!

The entertainment has been stellar, including the Irish clog dancers at Affiliate's Night, the bagpipers and choral group at Opening Ceremonies, the barbershop quartet at the Membership Breakfast...and I hope you enjoyed our surprise Rolling Chair Drill Team performance. We are going to post the video to this blog very soon. We have already gotten our first booking - at the 2012 NAEOP Conference (which will be held in California). Just drop me a line if you would like to schedule a performance at your next big event!

I've also admired all of the centerpieces at each of our events. I noticed many ladies carrying off new decor for their homes or offices. Hey, $5 for the flowers and vases and $15 for those handpainted pots and paper flowers, that's a deal you can't beat.

Friday was such a whirlwind day. The opening ceremonies included welcome greetings from many local dignitaries. The Superintended of San Diego Unified School District voiced his support for CAEOP, and he spoke eloquently about how important his office professionals are in his organization and for fulfilling the mission of schools. I especially enjoyed Dr. Mark Arapostathis - the Vice Mayor of La Mesa, who spoke from his heart about all the roles of office staff that he's seen in his years of teaching; counselor, boo-boo healer, mediator, translater, and disciplinarian.

Carol LeBeau was the Keynote Speaker and gave a one-hour talk, "Healthy for Life", which touched on keeping ourself both physically and mentally well. I really liked that she touched on thinking before you say "yes", and asking yourself (1) Why am I saying yes? (2) By saying yes to this, will I have to say no to something more important? (3) Am I only saying yes so that someone will like me or I feel accepted?

Cherie Leonard gave a rousing two-hour presentation about the power of breaking down goals into achievable chunks. We learned that the language we use to describe our compelling outcome (instead of calling it a "goal") can give impetus to ACTION! Instead of using words like "should" or "later" or "never", say "I'm ready to begin working on..." and you'll find yourself beginning! That first action creates momentum - ask yourself "What is the next right thing to do?" We looked at the anatomy of the words commitment and perseverance. It is through commitment that we come forth with "might" in a strong and powerful way, and perseverance means that we are cutting off the option to quit.

We were released to pursue our own dinners, and boy did I have a good one! The La Mesa-Spring Valley contingent went to Hash House a Go Go in Hillcrest. Not only did we eat to our heart's content, we carried away many boxes of food to nibble on for the rest of the weekend.

Such fun. The membership breakfast and meeting is done, and I want to give my full attention to our keynote session this morning "Silver Linings".